I want to personally say thank you for reading or listening to my book, and I hope it brings you much success in reaching your educational goals. The following information is supplemental to the material in both the ebook and the audio versions of the book.

  1. Davar Academy is NCCRS accredited, and the Big Three accepts all of their courses. Each of their courses is worth three semester hours, and you can test out with a single online exam. No books required. You can learn more about Davar Academy at their website http://www.davaracademy.com/
  2. National Fire Academy is ACE accredited and offers courses that award free college credit. As you complete courses, they will provide transcripts to your college of choice by email at no cost. You can learn more about their opportunities on their website https://www.usfa.fema.gov/training/nfa/courses/online.html
  3. Propero is ACE accredited and offers 48 self-directed online classes. Each course runs $330. To find out more visit their website at https://www.pearsonhighered.com/products-and-services/course-content-and-digital-resources/online-courses/propero.html
  4. Rechtschaffen Institute of Judaic Studies provides NCCRS accredited courses at $50 per credit hour earned, and you can pay as you go. High schoolers can use this resource to accumulate hours before graduation. It is a good source for upper-level credit hours in religion, ethics, history, and political science. Advisors are available to help you establish a degree plan that can put the most credits to use. You can learn more at their site http://www.rechtijs.com
  5. Saylor.org Academy has 31 tuition-free courses available that are both ACE and NCCRS evaluated. They provide a plan you can use to earn a business degree from Thomas Edison State College. There is a small fee of $25 to $45 per course for proctoring and administrative costs. There is a lot more information available on their website https://www.saylor.org
  6. Sophia offers 31 ACE evaluated courses at the time of this writing. Each course runs $329 each. You can try your first course free, and they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. More information is available on their site https://www.sophia.org
  7. Study.com provides self-paced video-based courses, which ACE has evaluated for credit. They operate on a subscription basis. To earn the credit hours for college, you will need to enroll in the “College Accelerator Plan” which costs $199.99 per month. This plan includes two exams a month, and you can complete additional courses for $79 each. There is a lot more information on their site http://study.com/academy/goal/transferable-credit/online-college-credit.html

Military Transcripts:

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA):

LearningCounts Member Colleges: http://www.cael.org/about-us/membership/cael-members

LearningCounts CAEL course: https://learningcounts.org

Excelsior College Business Degree Plan: http://budgetdegree.com/step-3-step-by-step-bachelors-in-business-degree-from-excelsior-college/

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