When you are ready to get down to business, the most efficient way that exists to earn 3 semester hours worth of college credit are CLEP and DSST exams. These exams are usually proctored at a local college testing center and at the time of this writing the only cost $80 each. You can locate a nearby testing center for CLEP examinations HERE, and for DSST examinations check HERE.

To prepare for CLEP, DSST, TECEP, and ECE exams, there are no substitutes for these two resources:

1: Instantcert.com:

InstantCert Academy,CLEP,DSST,ECE,TECEP

With Instantcert.com course preparation is done in a flash card format, and each course provides a very thorough coverage of a given exam subject. If you know the information on the flash cards well then you will definitely pass your exam. They offer study materials that cover many CLEPs, DSST, ECE, and TECEP exams.

I have used Instantcert.com many times to prepare for exams, and I always left the test center with confidence that I did well. When the results came back I always had. Get motivated, and you can prepare for and test out of a 3 semester hour course every week. Their service is subscription based and it runs $20 a month. Instantcert offers a discount for signing up for 6-months, and if you use my affiliate discount code: 100093, it will save you $5 off of your first month’s subscription. They offer a 30-day unconditional guarantee, but I don’t think you will ever want to use it.

Once you have used Instantcert to pass a few exams the potential of CLEP and DSST exams is really going to motivate you to keep working. When you get the opportunity to share Instantcert with someone you can become an affiliate and this can help offset your expenses for the service reducing the cost of your degree even more. You can sign up HERE. You get $50 just for signing up and they will pay you once you have accumulated $80. It is a really good deal.

If you would like to support BudgetDegree.com, please hand out the flyers attached HERE. It will help others to save time and money working toward their degrees and help me to pay the hosting cost for the site.

2: SpeedyPrep.com:


SpeedyPrep offers extremely well-prepared study courses for 24 CLEP examinations that you can use to prepare for and test out of multiple classes in less time than you would need to complete a single traditional class either in person or online. SpeedyPrep is also subscription based and costs $19.95 a month. They discount rates for longer-term subscriptions and they offer a 100% pass rate guarantee. I also have an affiliate relationship with SpeedyPrep, and when you sign up if you use the coupon code: GETITDONE. It will save you $10 off of your first-month subscription fee. The image above is linked to SpeedyPrep’s BudgetDegree.com affiliate link. The value you get from this product is unreal for CLEP exam preparation.

You can get so much work done just between these two resources so quickly and so cheaply it is hard to believe. If I didn’t go through this myself, I would believe the idea is too good to be true. But this path is legitimate and well established. This isn’t a hustle or a sale’s pitch. If you use these products and get to work knocking out exams, you could be graduating this same time next year.


STEP 4: How to prepare for CLEP, DSST, ECE, and TECEP Exams

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