If there is one thing people tell me when we talk about the topic of college, it is that they haven’t gotten a degree because they are “terrible” at math. The belief is nothing they can do will overcome this deficiency, and the fear is so humbling they give up the will to commit to the challenge. Mathematics anxiety is a real problem for a lot of us, but I believe I have a good solution for this. While my Son was still in high school, he was able to complete 9 semester hours of college math before he graduated, and he isn’t the most motivated soul when it comes to school. If he and I could get through required courses this way, anyone else can do the same.

Ok, so let’s assume you are not in the demographic stricken by mathematics anxiety, and you are ready to get to work finishing your degree requirements. A corporation under the McGraw-Hill Education umbrella named ALEKS creates educational software on the internet that is based on artificial intelligence. The product is very popular and covers every level of math from K-12 through college. Better still, they offer nine courses that are ACE accredited. From Beginning Algebra to Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, a person can complete all of the required math for many degree types. There is a lot of info on their website, so I will just highlight some of the navigation. You can get to the ALEKS website HERE (https://www.aleks.com).  There is a good introduction video to give you a better idea of what ALEKS is.

After you get through the introduction, next you will likely want to check out what ALEKS has available.


ALEKS is dependable, and the ACE accredited course list has been stable for at least six years.

A mathematics independent study course at a college can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. ALEKS has a few options, $19.95 per month, $99.95 every 6-months (one month free), and $179.95 per year (saves you around $60). I contacted them, but unfortunately, they don’t offer any affiliate programs or coupons. The only relationship I have with the company is using their courses to satisfy degree requirements, but I highly recommend them. You are not going to get a cheaper or faster way to finish your college math, and the technology is impressive.

Once you enroll, you will need to select the options that are not associated with a class.

There will be two accounts associated with your login, a student account, and a master account. The student account, of course, is where you will finish all the coursework, but the master account is where you will choose your courses as well as submit your results when you finish to the ACE transcript website. Once you finish a course and submit it to ACE for addition to your transcript, do NOT change courses until you verify the ACE updated your transcript with the course you finished. Once you move on to another course in ALEKS, all of your progress is lost. If there are any problems adding the course to the ACE transcript then you will have to complete the course again in order to submit it for consideration. My Son learned this lesson the hard way. I think ALEKS should lay to rest any concerns about getting through any math struggles. It is extremely affordable and it is self-paced. You can take as little or as long as you like to tackle difficult concepts, that may need more practice.


How to Solve the Math Problems of a Degree

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