This is me, working 12 x 365 while earning a degree in a combat zone.

Hello, I’m Jason and welcome to I built this site to help people reach their academic goals without wasting a lot of time or hard earned money.

I was active duty Air Force for many years and supported missions in various locations all over the world. As you can imagine, it was very difficult to finish courses in the traditional way. This led me to seek out a new approach to completing college.

Since I started my journey, I have finished three associate degrees, two bachelor’s degrees, and two master’s degrees. Most recently, my journey has taken me into doctoral study. I cannot say any of it was very easy, but the resources out there made it extremely flexible and cost a fraction of the traditional path on which I started.

Earning a degree in itself never helped any of us to become anything more than we were before, but it will open opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable. I believe it is through these opportunities that we can really learn to shine and make our lives into what we choose.

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